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Dive into unknown waters!

Tuesday July 25, 2017 0 comments


Transcript of Diving into unknown waters

Diving into unknown waters Is it shallow? You can't really tell if the water your going to swim in is deep or shallow. Sometimes the day is stormy and you can't see the bottom because the reflection of the sky is too dark. Grab something long by you and put it in the water. If you are somewhere where their is no supervision you should go somewhere you knows safe. Safety sign Injuries You have to make sure the water 
is deep enough to dive! * Head injuries
*Scrapes and bruises
*Shark bites
*Rashes from unknown plants
*Paralyzed Unknown water plant Diving Myths and facts 
Some of the myths are partly true. A lot of people 
have injured their self severely. Like one of my Dad's 
friends. He had a party and he was so drunk he dived 
into the river in the backyard and paralyzed his upper body. A Teen was paralyzed for diving into an unknown diving area. His consequences were severe.
Thankfully they could replace his broken vertebrae. 1 way to prevent danger. If you really want to dive and theirs nothing around
you to check how deep the water is their is another way. You can always just slip in and swim down to the bottom and estimate the depth of the water. Places
If you want to dive and don't know about the water
then make a smart choice and go somewhere you know is deep enough to dive. You don't have to go to a beach. If your on a vacation then use the other options I presented.
Here are some places you can go diving.
-Lake Huron
-Lake Ontario
-St. Lawrence sea way
-Lake Simcoe
-Lake Erie
-Lake St. Claire
These lakes are safe for diving. But to be sure use the 
points I presented: Using something long in the water or slip in.
Dive safely
Make sure you have an adult if you are 
planning on diving. Just in case someone 
gets injured.

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